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"Atlantis" Nick Graham Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

New York Fashion Week Mens - Skylight Clarkson Sq. - July 11, 2017





Maverick fashion designer Nick Graham presented his latest collection, entitled Atlantis at New York Fashion Week/Men’s. Inspired by the mythical continent and the ocean, the collection was further influenced from fashion in the 60’s and Graham used Donovan’s 1968 hit record “Atlantis” as the music for the show.

“When you hear the lyrics Donovan wrote in 1968, you realize the message was just as relevant then as it is now, but it is just as relevant as it was 2500 years ago when Plato first imagined it.”

 The start of the show featured a 10 minute short film directed by Graham based upon the ocean with music from 16 year old composer, Truman Gaynes, adding to the overall experience.

"Even before the “Life On Mars” show, I was thinking of exploring the ocean, and not only our impact on it, but it’s impact and influence on us. The Atlantis show is really a metaphor within a fashion show. In many ways we are Atlantis and need to be cognizant of where we live and how we live here,” Graham has said.

 The collection featured vibrant and subtle blues of the oceans, as well as a psychedelic array of colors inspired by the coral reefs. Continuing his trademark sense of bringing color and pattern to men’s clothing, the show was an explosion of bright colors in tailored clothing, shirting, and sportswear.

Attended guests included: Steven Kolb (CFDA), Chyno Miranda (CFDA Ambassador), Kelly Oubre Jr. (CFDA Ambassador), Jared Harris* (Actor), Connor Leimer (Musician), Adrian Kondratowicz (Artist), Jack Griffo (Influencer), Joseph Lucido (Influencer), Joseph Barbour (Influencer), Owen Cain (Influencer), Ty Hunter (Stylist), Kim Vandenberg (Olympic Swimmer), Carmen Carrera (TV Personality), Shai Baitel (Mana Contemporary), Eric Rutherford, Helio Campos, Ricky Clifton, Jordan Doner, Torraine Futurum, Fern Mallis, and James Truman.

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