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Who is Nick Graham?


Nick Graham established his eponymous menswear brand in 2014. The company produces menswear for what Graham call the “Perennial Millennial” defined by Graham as men who do not represent a particular age or income level, but rather are looking for updated alternatives to the traditional menswear offering. 

Creating a new dynamic - both recognizable and refreshing - Nick Graham is a mix of tradition, attitude and pure fun, taking Menswear just a little further stylistically than where it’s been.

At Nick Graham we don’t want you to get bored, so that's why we launch new products all the time. Our influences come from everywhere, because the world is more transparent and connected than ever.

We know you are your our own personal brand, and we hope our products allow you to express it in a way that is all your own. Thank you for letting us be part of your style.

About Nick Graham