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Spring/Summer 2016 Collection




Nick Graham “Everywhere” for Spring/Summer 2016 is a collection for men all over the world. The collection has a “Post Prep” attitude, dubbed by Graham as the next evolution of American style. This season offers suiting in rich tones of navy and grey paired with unexpected shirting and neckwear to offer a bit of a twist on the traditional. In addition, an array of cool jackets and suits in seersuckers and bright colored linens are shown to add to the refreshed refined look.

“Modern style is global; a banker in San Francisco dresses much like a banker in Singapore, and a seersucker suit looks just as good in Delhi as it does in Dallas” says Nick Graham. “Dress Globally, Style Locally.” The theme embodies the spirit, sophistication and modernity that defines how men dress today.

The tailored collection silhouettes are modern and fabrications are chic and innovative. The collection offers a wide range of wools, wool blends, cottons and seersucker to allow men to have more fun and add personality to their wardrobes. The tailored assortment also offers formalwear and dinner jackets in beautiful fabrics, patterns and solids that will break the boredom of the classic black suit at any special event.

Nick Graham currently offers men’s dress shirts and neckwear, available at select department stores and His collection is known for its traditional and not so traditional patterns combined in unexpected ways.


(Ryan): Dark Gray Modern Fit Suit, Striped Shirt,
Mustache Tie, Polka Dot/Paisley scarf.
(Dylan): Black/Grey Houndstooth Suit,
Grey Crest Rep Tie, Striped Shirt, Paisley pocket square.
(Braeden): Black Tonal Check Suit,Red Striped Shirt,
Skull Rep Tie, Red Polka Dot pocket square.
(Danny): Grey Plaid Suit, Striped Shirt,
Purple Floral Tie, Purple Polka Dot pocket square.
(Henry): Soiid Blue Suit, Blue Striped Shirt,
Blue/White Polka Dot Tie, Paisley pocket square.
(River): Solid Blue Suit, Yellow Stripe Shirt,
Blue/Yellow Floral Tie, Yellow Foulard pocket square.
(Zak): Blue Checked Suit, Blue Mini Dot Shirt,
Polka Dot Bow Tie, Blue Polka Dot pocket square.
(Matthew): Blue Plaid Suit, Blue/White Floral Shirt, 
White pocket square.
(Jannik): Blue/White Pin Stripe Suit,
Blue Paisley Shirt, Polka Dot pocket square. 
(Clark): Blue Floral Tuxedo,
White Shirt, Blue Paisley/Dot Scarf 
(Jobair): Blue Post-PrepSchool Blazer, Blue Mini Paisley Shirt,
Blue Striped Tie, White Jeans, Polka Dot pocket square
(Sebastian): Solid Gray Suit, White Shirt, Black and Grey
Horizontal Striped Knit Tie, Polka Dot pocket square.
(Veit): Purple Linen Jacket, Purple Gingham Shirt, 
Purple Skull and Cross Bones Tie
(Taylor): Blue Linen Jacket,
Blue Paisley Shirt, Blue Knit Tie
(Ryan): Green Linen Jacket, Floral Shirt,
Green Pocket Square.
(Jacques): Orange Seersucker Suit, Orange Plaid Shirt,
Orange Crest Tie, Orange Gingham pocket square.
(Chad): Red Check Jacket, White Shirt,
Red Floral Tie, Skull Scarf.
(Aidan): Purple Seersucker Suit, Purple Paisley Shirt,
Purple Polka Dot pocket square.
(Bart): Blue Seersucker Suit, Blue Plaid Shirt,
Blue Cloud Tie, Cloud pocket square.
(Richard): Floral Tuxedo Suit, White Formal Shirt,
Black and White Polka Dot bowtie.