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Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

spring summer 2017 fashion show models

"Our Men In Havana"


Nick Graham Spring/Summer 2017 Collection
New York Fashion Week Mens - Skylight Clarkson Sq. - July 13th, 2016


Nick Graham’s collection for Spring/Summer 2017 takes its cue from Havana in the late 1950s, when it was the go-to place for gamblers, mobsters, and royalty alike. It was a glamorous time, but the undercurrent of the Cuban revolution was in the air.

“It was a fascinating period, with the Tropicana Club at the center of the action.  Americans would come in droves and party like they couldn’t in the United States,” Graham said. “Once Havana fell, the Americans moved to Vegas, along with the showgirls and everything else that came with it.”

Graham’s collection for SS’17 fuses crisp lightweight linens, seersuckers, checked madras suits, floral shirts and outerwear to create the look that is Graham’s essential trademark: Post-prep.

Madras sportcoats and shorts are used to create the new ‘tropical suit’ designed for stylish summer nights.  Alongside the vibrant florals and and graphic tropical prints, Graham uses a hint of camouflage in blazers and accessories to represent the impending revolution.

 “The collection is fresh, sexy and has a subtle political undertone. Cuba’s famed Tropicana Club was the perfect inspiration point to bring the collection to life,” says Graham.

Each model is named after a fictional secret agent who works for the Covert Fashion Detectives Association, a group that feeds trend forecasts to countries around the world.


[image action="start"]chad white male model walks runway for nick grahamFaux Fur Fidel - CUBA. Chad White. 
White Straw Fedora, 3-Piece Linen Suit, Exploded Fern Print Shirt.

[image action="end"] [image action="start"] Male model Emmanuel Amorin walks Nick Graham runwayDr. Maybe (Dr. No, medicated).  Emmanuel Amorin.  
Blue Microcheck 3-Piece Suit, Fleur de Lys shirt, Blue Polka Dot Tie, Tie Bar, Paisley Pocket Square.

 [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model drew hanley walks nick graham runway Larry Linen - BERMUDA.  Drew Hanley.
Navy Crested Blazer, Jacquard Polka Dot Shirt, Paisley Cotton Shorts, Polka Dot Pocket Square. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model zhang chao walks nick graham runwayBaubles Babushka - USSR.  Zhang Chao.
Tonal Camo Print Raincoat, Microdot Cotton Shirt, Textured Dobby Pants. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model nick truelove walks nick graham runwayKnickers Knickerson - EAST GERMANY. Nick Truelove.
White Straw Fedora, Paisley Print Cotton Shirting Sport Coat, Marijuana Print Shirt. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model brian shimansky walks nick graham runwayBig Zipper Bruce - UNITED STATES. Brian Shimansky.
Blue Linen Blazer, Skull Print Scarf. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model christian hogue walks nick graham runwayDitzy Print David - AUSTRALIA. Christian Hogue.
Skull Print Cotton Shirting Suit. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model sebastian sauve walks nick graham runwayElastic Evansson - FINLAND. Sebastian Sauve.
Blue Window Pane 3-Piece Suit, White Shirt, Blue Knit Tie. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model kacey carrig walks nick graham runwayDieter Dotian - ARMENIA. Kacey Carrig.
Blue Straw Pork Pie Hat, Blue Camo Baseball Jacket. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model clark bockelman walks nick graham runwaySorry McSorry - CANADA. Clark Bockelman.
Blue Cotton Checked 3-Piece Suit, White Shirt, Blue Floral Tie. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] Model Amanda Rosberg walks Nick Graham RunwayPaisley Galore - SWEDEN. Amanda Rosberg.
Lavender Seersucker Suit, Floral Shirt, Floral Pocket Square. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] Male model Andre Ziehe walks Nick Graham runwaySergio Sequin - ITALY. André Ziehe.
White Floral Shirt, White Straw Fedora. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] Male model Braeden Wright walks Nick Graham runwayPinky Shears - LATVIA. Braeden Wright.
Blue Floral Shirt, Blue Microcheck Dress Pants, Grey Small Brimmed Hat. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] victor abass walks nick graham runwayGoGo Gingham - SOUTH AFRICA. Victor Abass.
Green and Blue Patchwork 3-Piece Short Suit, White Shirt [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model dennis hirdt walks nick graham runwayPaco Pin Stripe - SPAIN. Dennis Hirdt.
Brown Floral Shirt, Straw Fedora. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model kevin sampaio walks nick graham runwayThready Thorsson - INDIA. Kevin Sampaio.
Khaki Twill Sportcoat, Floral Shirt, Camo Scarf. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model franky cammarata walks nick graham runwayErnest Hem Ingway - NO FIXED ADDRESS. Franky Cammarata.
Tan Plaid 3-Piece Suit, White Shirt, Floral Tie, Small Brimmed Straw Hat. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model jules horn walks nick graham runwayPeter Paisley - ENGLAND. Jules Horn.
Microdot Short Suit, Cuba Tee Shirt, Small Brimmed Dotted Hat. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model andre brunelli walks nick graham runwayTony Tapemeasure - HONG KONG. Andre Brunelli.
White Crown Shirt, White Straw Fedora with Wicker Trim. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] male model jesse gwin walks nick graham runwayShoulder McPaddy - IRELAND. Jesse Gwin.
Black Plaid Cotton 3-Piece Short Suit, White Shirt, Black Floral Bow Tie, Black Plaid Cap. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model jino chun walks nick graham runwayKardashian Kim - SOUTH KOREA. Jino Chun.
Paisley Cotton Shirting Sport Coat, Black Shirt. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] frankie grande walks nick graham runwayFrankie Foulard - FRANCE. Frankie Grande.
Black Paisley Tuxedo Jacket, Black Shirt. [image action="end"]

  [image action="start"] male model river viiperi walks nick graham runwayRiver de l’Amour - ARGENTINA. River Viiperi.
Religious Icon Sport Coat, Black Shirt, Black Slacks. [image action="end"] [image action="start"] designer nick graham greets audienceNick Graham [image action="end"]


images from the show

at the nick graham ss17 show

male models of nick graham spring summer 2017 collection