Marvel x Nick Graham

Marvel x Nick Graham incorporates the characters and logos discreetly into patterns that from a distance look like classic fabric designs, but on closer inspection reveal Marvel’s well-known Super Heroes and iconography. Shirts include ginghams and Hawaiian patterns with Iron Man and the Captain America shield embedded in the designs. Neckwear is classically designed on the front of the tie, but the tie tipping surprises fans, revealing Marvel Super Heroes.

Graham describes his approach as “Mullet designing: Business in the front and party in the back.” The collection can be worn both at the beach and at the office, with the aim to be worn everyday. Graham said the collection is geared to “perennial millennials,” and people of all ages who love the Marvel brand.

Satirical style is achieved with our neckwear, designed to climb any corporate (or entrepreneurial) mountain. Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, this “Post Prep” look will light up any traditional office or "We Work" mixer. 







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