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Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

"Life On Mars"

Nick Graham Fall/Winter 2035 Collection
New York Fashion Week Mens - Skylight Clarkson Sq. - January 31, 2017


Nick Graham launched his newest collection entitled "Life on Mars: Fall/Winter 2035" at New York Fashion Week/Men's. The latest collection from Nick Graham is based on Buzz Aldrin’s projection to land people on Mars by 2035. To add to the scientific importance of the event, Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society and one of the leading science educators in the world, narrated the visual journey to Mars.

"Both Bill and Buzz have had an enormous impact on our understanding of science and space. To work with them on the Mars show is so exciting. And besides Mars is the new black", said Nick. 

Aldrin is one of the first two people to have walked on the moon, and since then has published Mission to Mars in 2013 where he plots out his vision to taking humans to Mars by 2035. His current initiative, “Get Your Ass To Mars”, is meant to inspire young astronauts everywhere to reach the red planet.

Aldrin said, “I’ve walked on the moon, so how hard can it be to walk in a fashion show?"

Graham’s collection features sharkskin suits, metallic rainwear, and space-oriented formalwear for the inevitable celebration that will take place on the red planet. Wools and wool-blended tailored clothing and outerwear were featured, in preparation for the cold nights on Mars that can reach -100°. Other space themed dress shirts, neckwear, scarves and accessories were modeled as well.

“Who would've ever thought that we would be actually discussing a manned trip to Mars and in our lifetimes. The big question is what are we going to wear when we get there. I hope this collection solves that problem." Graham went on to say that because of the gravity differential on Mars that people on the planet would automatically lose weight. 

Attended guests included Nicholas Graham, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye, Fabulous, Ja Rule, Q Chi Webster, Gamila Smith, Jesper Lannung, Fern Mallis, Dale Moss, Renaud Vuaillat, Ty Hunter and Tommy Dorfman among others.

Astronaut Brodie Scott 
Silver Metallic Sharkskin Suit, Mini Print Dress Shirt, Foulard Tie, Polka Dot Pocket Square, Halliburton Zero Briefcase

Astronaut Bertold Zahoran  
Mid Grey Metallic Sharkskin Suit, Polka Dot Cotton Dress Shirt, Floral Pocket Square 

Astronaut Jake Filling.  
Dark Grey Metallic Sharskin Suit, Black Grid Cotton Dress Shirt, Rocket Ship Tie, White Pocket Square

Astronaut Jino Chun  
Black Metallic Sharkskin Suit, Black and White Paisley Printed Shirt, White Pocket Square

Astronaut Hunter Parkes 
Horizontal Black and White Stripe Sport Coat, White Stretch Cotton Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Black Rayon Space Ship Scarf

Astronaut Ryu Wanky
Camouflage Bomber Jacket. Black Dress Pants, Black Stretch Cotton Dress Shirt, Black Metallic Necktie

Astronaut Jordan Paris 
Black and White 3 Piece Houndstooth Suit, Black Turtle Neck, Black and Grey Paisley Scarf

Astronaut Ivan Kozak 
Black and White Tattersall Suit, White Stretch Cotton Dress Shirt, Black Martian Rubber Coat, Floral Necktie, Polka Dot Pocket Square

Astronaut Zach Pricier Kacey Carrig.
Black Quilted Bomber Jacket, Black Turtleneck, Mid Grey Metallic Spaceship Jacquard Pant

Astronaut Nick Truelove 
Micro Polka Dot Gret Pant and Vest, Blue Quilted Bomber Jacket, Paisley and Polka Dot Foulard Ascot

Astronaut Lane McCallister 
Navy Check 3-piece Suit, Fleur De Lys Shirt, Fleur De Lys Necktie, Navy Rayon Chemical Scarf

Astronaut Christian Hogue 
Navy Check Suit, Navy Crown Printed Shirt, Navy Rocket Ship Scarf

Astronaut Andre Brunelli
Navy Suit, Navy Polka Dot Shirt, Navy Turtleneck, Navy Plaid Peacoat


Astronaut Kit Moynihan 
Navy Sheen Suit, Navy and White Printed Dress Shirt, Navy Quilted Vest, Blue Space Ship Scarf

Astronaut Julian Schneyder 
Green Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Green Print Bird Shirt, Space Ship Bow Tie, Green Rayon Space Ship Scarf, Green Pocket Square

Astronaut Henry Watkins 
Purple Fleurs De Lys Tuxedo, Purple Fleurs De Lys Dress Shirt, Purple Space Ship Bow Tie

Astronaut Kit Butlerr 
Blue and Black Space Ship Tuxedo, White Dress Shirt, Purple Spaceship Bow Tie

Astronaut Ashton Gohil 
Black Mustache Tuxedo, Mustache Shirt, Black Spaceship Bow Tie

Astronaut Dmitry Brylev 
Red Overcoat, Charcoal Suit, White and Red Micro Fleur De Lys Shirt, Red Polka Dot Tie, Red Spaceship Scarf

Astronaut Taylor Ashmore 
Red Sharkskin Sport Coat, White Dress Shirt, Black Charcoal Paisley Pant, Black and Charcoal Paisley Ascot

Astronaut Jesse Gwin
Red Metallic Sharkskin Suit, White Dress Shirt, Red Floral Tie, Red Rayon Chemical Scarf

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin 
Silver Metallic Bomber Jacket, "Get Your Ass to Mars" Tee, Black Dress Pant

Astronaut Bill Nye
Rocket Ship Jacquard Tuxedo Jacket, Sharkskin Black Pants, Rocket Ship Bow Tie

Astronaut Nick Graham 
Silver Metallic Sharkskin Suit, White Dress Shirt, Grey Pocket Square

Astronaut Claire Vanbeber
Silver Metallic Bomber Jacket, Men's Black Dress Pants, Black Cotton Tee Shirt