Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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"Men In Their Natural Habitat"

“Men In Their Natural Habitat” is a masculine collection that merges the detail and fit of proper British tailoring with the feel and attitude of the Great American outdoors. It is a combination of elegance for the diverse lifestyle for todays Modern Man.

For Fall/Winter designer Nick Graham drew inspiration from the iconic National Parks of the United States with expansive mountain landscapes, lush wilderness and the deep colors of the forest.

Satirical style is achieved with slim-fit 3-piece suits, waistcoats and vests while rich Lumberjack plaids and Scottish tartans in deep reds, moss greens and stormy greys infuse the color paletteall styled with a playful twist of hats and neckwear that are signature to Nick Graham. It’s rugged American style with a “Post Prep” attitude.

Befitting the great outdoors Graham is introducing “Climate Couture” outerwear this season in modern silhouettes from patterned vests, quilted barn coats and overcoats.

Male with hat

“Yosemite” (Zach): Blue Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Blue Striped Shirt, Polka Dot Tie


Man in brown suit

“Grand Canyon”  (Richard): Brown Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Brown Mini Check Shirt, Brown Tartan Tie, Polka Dot Pocket Square

  Man with duck

“Great Smokey” (Dan): Green Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Green Striped Shirt, Green Tartan Tie, Duck Tie

Man in striped suit

“Glacier” (Clark): Red Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Red Striped Shirt, Scotty Dog Bow Tie

Man with camo vest  

“Sequioa” (Sean): Black Nylon Camo Vest,Grey Plaid Shirt, Camo Tie  

Man with bird hat

“Golden Gate” (Bart): Black Nylon Sport Coat, Black Buffalo Check Shirt, Black Tie 

   Man with feathers

“Crater Lake” (Ron): Tuxedo Jacket and Pant, Black Skull Bow Tie, White Shirt, Cummerbund 

Man with dotted scarf

“Death Valley” (Taylor): Black Quilted Barn Coat, Black and White Mini Dot Shirt 

   Man with brown suit

“Mount Rainier” (Kacey): Chocolate Brown 3 Piece Suit, Floral Print Shirt 

Man with boots

“Volcanoes” (River): Burgundy 3 Piece Suit, Floral Print Shirt, Floral Print Tie 

   Man with flowers on suit

“Acadia" (Eric): Purple 3 Piece Suit, Purple Paisley Shirt  

Man in navy shirt

“Big Bend” (Sebastian): Navy 2 Piece Suit, Floral Print Shirt

   Man in grey suit

“Zion” (Kenny): Grey Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Stripe/Check Mix Shirt, Polar Bear Bow Tie 

Man with gloves

“Joshua Tree” (Chad): Grey 3 Piece Suit, Grey Gingham Shirt

   Man with overcoat

"Denali” (Travis): Grey Checked 3 Piece Suit, Grey Shirt, Polka Dot Tie, Grey Overcoat 

Man with nylon suit

“Olympic” (Ryan): Blue Stripe 3 Piece Suit, Fleur de Lys Shirt, Blue Paisley Bow Tie, Blue Nylon Overcoat

   Man with bear tie

“Grand Teton” (Christian): Blue Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Blue Stripe/Check Mix Shirt, Polar Bear Tie 

Man with purple suit

“Yellowstone” (Morgan): Purple Seersucker Suit, Purple Paisley Shirt, Purple Polka Dot pocket square.

   Man in red suit

“Bryce Canyon” (Braeden): Red Plaid 3 Piece Suit, White Shirt, Red Duck Print Bow Tie 

Man in green plaid suit

“Arches” (Jordan): Green Plaid 3 Piece Suit, Green Stripe Shirt, Green Bulldog Bow Tie