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Spruce Up for the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us in all its music, color and electrical excess. Even the most bah-humbug among us can’t quite fight it, less ignore it, so may as well get into it. What better way to do so than with a dash of style and whimsy. Happily, nowadays even a black-tie New Year’s party doesn’t necessarily mean a tuxedo. There are simple, alternative ways you can dress up, and you can do so without breaking the bank.



For upbeat elegance, a bit of glimmer goes a long way - silver, metallics, brocades. A silver sharkskin blazer would be awesome, but if one’s not handy, try a silver tie or bowtie, or even just a silver pocket square or perhaps belt to dress up a suit or jacket. Brocades with a metallic gleam are equally festive. Nick Graham makes sleek brocade jackets in deep hues that you can even throw over jeans to great effect. A shiny brocade vest is another classic way to enhance your holiday attire. Don’t be shy – let it shine.

david bowie in shiny silver suit


Colors and Prints

If you’re someone who normally keeps your color palette pretty neutral, this is the time of year to surprise everyone – and yourself. Add a red brocade jacket to your black pants and white shirt for instant holiday stardom. Or if that’s too much pizazz for you, just add some color to any of your accessories. A red shirt, or perhaps a red paisley tie, bowtie or pocket square will convey holiday spirit with minimal economy. Deep greens will of course serve as well. Both colors work beautifully with grays and can totally transform a gray suit or jacket. And if paisley’s not you thing, try throwing some tartan, plaid or polka dots into the mix. Nick Graham offers lots of those.

leo chan of levitate style wears a nick graham blue jacquard tuxedo jacket



Fine, rich textures such as velvet, cashmere and silk add tactile appeal to anything you wear. Combining these different textures is especially effective – for example, a velvet jacket, cashmere sweater and silk cravat - and will make you into a touch magnet even without mistletoe. Try mixing different textures, colors and prints to create a new you for the new year.

vintage mod gentleman in cashmere coat with scarf


Check out the Nick Graham Collections and Lookbook for pieces that you can dress up with, as well as work with in your everyday wardrobe. Of course, you can also put some holly on your breast pocket, some mistletoe on your hat, or throw on a string of battery-operated lights. If you’re dressed well enough, you may just be able to pull it off.

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