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Astana, the City of the Future

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For its 2017 International Expo, the nation of Kazakhstan is building the world’s most futuristic city in its capital, Astana. Theme-titled "The Future of Energy: Solutions for Tackling Humankind’s Greatest Challenge," the Expo promises to be a completely green city. One of the largest Expos to date, Astana will serve as a showcase for global developments in the energy sector, addressing international dialogue on safe, sustainable energy access and reducing CO2 emissions.

Voted on by the Bureau of International Expositions, Kazakhstan’s bid for the 2017 Expo was ultimately chosen over that of Belgium, making this the first Expo in Central Asia. The architectural firm of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill was selected as architects for the Expo site. The site underwent extensive study to ensure that each structure is optimally placed with regards to the sun, wind and weather for generating energy. All glass used on the site will be specially glazed to maximize solar absorption in winter and provide shade in summer. Structures have been designed to harvest rainwater, and most of the energy sources will be renewable. The 430-acre site is designed around a massive spherical building, with commercial and cultural pavilions fanning out from the center.

Hosting an International Expo is a major coup that can bring a nation’s economy millions in revenue plus tremendous international exposure. Expo 2017 opens June 10th and runs through September (Astana winter temperatures drop to -40 Fahrenheit!) The Expo will include representatives from 100 countries and is expected to draw several million visitors. When it concludes in September 2017, the city will be transformed into a sustainable residential, cultural and business community that will run on nearly 60 percent less energy than a conventional development. You can take a virtual preview of the Astana Expo here:

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