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Put A Bow On It!

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The holidays mean parties, gatherings, fancy social affairs and some not so fancy. You may have to work as well, and trying to figure out what to wear to each event could be a job in itself. But there’s one quick fix you can’t go wrong with: the bow tie.

Needless to say, here at Nick Graham we are positively crazy for bow ties. But it’s not for nothing. Years of experience have taught us that for any man whose social schedule is as busy as his work schedule, especially when both these spheres overlap, a bow tie is an indispensable fashion tool that should always be handy if it’s not already on your collar. After all, it only weighs a few ounces, so you can literally pull one out of your pocket and work instant style magic.

Let’s say you’re going to a party or dinner and want to dress up just a tad without having to stop at home and change. Slap a bow tie on with the shirt you’re wearing and you’re ready to go. I did this just the other day. I knew I had a long work day and that at the end of it I’d been invited to one of best parties of the holiday season. (Just ask Nick Graham.) So I wore a striking brightly-striped shirt that got me comfortably through the day, and before leaving work for the party put on a contrasting patterned bow tie that picked up on the shirt stripe colors. I didn’t bother with a jacket. There I was among some of the most fashionable people in town, and the compliments on my ridiculously easy attire kept coming right and left. Not bragging here – just using myself as guinea pig to tell you: it works.

Another great thing about bow ties is how versatile they are. Paired with a colorful holiday sweater or a vintage vest and you’re totally ready for the egg nog and mistletoe. For a dressier New Year’s affair that isn’t conventionally formal, a bow tie with a crisp shirt and black leather jacket can be every bit as dramatic as a tux or evening jacket. There really are no rules other than to be creative, feel comfortable and look dashing. If you’re not entirely sure about this last point, and you don’t have someone whose taste you trust within immediate posing distance, text them a quick selfie for approval. (Best not your mother unless she’s insanely cool.)

Meanwhile, if at present you don’t have at least a couple of bowties, you won’t find a zingier selection than here at Make sure and select a variety of patterns and palettes to cover all you wardrobe possibilities – a half dozen should do it. Or if anyone’s in a quandary about what to get you for a present, let them know that nothing will make you happier than a bow tie. (Go ahead and exaggerate – it leaves no carbon footprint.) Bow ties also make great stocking stuffers. You can even decorate your tree with them. Certainly Bill Nye and Nick Graham are in accord that bow ties will make for a better world in the New Year. So do your part, and have fun doing it - you’ll get lots more likes on all those Facebook holiday photo postings.

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