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Worldbeing: Tracking Your Carbon Footprint On Your Wrist

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Okay, you’re a fairly conscientious person, but how do know how all your choices and actions impact the planet?  Could a wearable gadget help you learn to keep track of your choices and their effect on the environment? If so, would you buy one and wear it? 

Worldbeing is a wearable and app that tracks your carbon footprint. Designed by Benjamin Hubert of Layer with the support of U.K.-based Carbon Trust, which helps organizations and governments around the world reduce carbon emissions, Worldbeing utilizes data while engaging the wearer in learning how their daily choices affect the environment. Paired to a smartphone/tablet app via Bluetooth, it can tap into the Carbon Trust's algorithms and estimate how much carbon you're spending. In combination with the app, it can also be used as a wireless payment system - not unlike Apple Pay. When you buy things, it plugs real-time information into the app about your purchases as well as where you are purchasing from. The feedback can inform and train wearers about the choices they make, reinforcing awareness and encouraging preference for companies and products that have better records on carbon emissions. In turn, this will hopefully prompt companies to become more environmentally friendly.

Most everyone is aware of the issue of climate change, but many people who potentially want to help make a change may not know where to start. What better way than knowing the consequences of each of our consumer decisions? Designer Hubert believes the future is all about accountability and that individual awareness of our carbon footprint is the way to go. Eventually, restaurants, supermarkets, and all manner of businesses will be responsible for listing the environmental details of all their products and services, alongside ingredients and nutritional information. Hubert adds, “There has never been a better time to use design as a tool to create meaningful conversation around our personal responsibility in making changes to our lifestyle to stop global warming. We desperately need a platform that helps the world to understand what our personal carbon footprint is, and why we should be decreasing it.”

True to form, the Worldbeing wristband is made of recycled electronic plastics and circuit boards that have been shredded down and injection-molded, creating the band’s signature speckles. Even the e-ink display is highly energy efficient – more so than say, an Apple Watch. Worldbeing is still in the testing stages, and will likely not be commercially available until 2017, but should make for a very smart and conscientious purchase.

If you want to know more, check out their video here.

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