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The Ultimate Folding Bike

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The world’s smallest folding bike to date, the Helix folding bike truly goes anywhere. 

In our growingly conscientious urban world, bikes continue to become more practical and even fashionable. Also growing is the number of available bike styles, with designs that are ever lighter and easier to accommodate. As is to be expected, folding-bike designs continue evolving and becoming more commonplace. The smaller they can fold down and the less obtrusive, the easier for transit and storage.

Enter the Helix. Designed in Toronto by Peter Boutakis, the Helix bike folds smaller than any folding bike to date. Hand-welded in Canada, its titanium frame folds down to 23"×26"×9.5”and weighs 21 lb. (9.5 kg), making it one of the world’s lightest folding bikes as well. It’s light enough and compact enough to go anywhere: subway, elevator, escalator, cubicle, or broom closet. According to Boutakis, it’s also safer and easier to use than any other folding bike.


One reason for the safety claim is that the wheels are larger and sturdier than typical folding bikes, which means better balance. The design’s most distinguishing feature is that the wheels fold up vertically instead of the usual horizontal way, making the frame sturdier overall. And titanium is not only 40% lighter than steel, but stronger as well. The Helix’s unique folding design allows for the one-piece frame to be hinge-free, while the spring-locking mechanisms keep the bike rigid. That translates into a safe, sound ride without flexing or creaking. When folded, the bike can be rolled on its wheels, and it has an integrated stand so you can put it down stably.

Helix will be available in three in multiple or single-speed models and is projected to launch in March 2016 with an average retail price of $1,499. What’s more, it will look totally rad with a suit. Watch the video demo:


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