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Nick Graham's Well Dressed Horoscope

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 Should you ever need cause to use the word “perspicacious,” look for the nearest Virgo man. He shouldn’t be hard to spot: meticulous in appearance, he never seems to have a bad hair day. A tad conservative, he’s likely to choose a navy suit, which is right on the money for this fall. All those aphorisms about the importance of details – a Virgo coined them. His eye for sophisticated detailing is daunting. In fact, no one pairs Nick Graham shirts and ties as perfectly.  


Ruled by wing-footed Mercury, you are virtually unstoppable, Virgo - deft at most anything you set your mind to, and an unsurpassed communicator. You’re also an earth sign, so underneath all that achievement and striving for perfection, you know the real nitty-gritty. Right now, however busy you may be crossing T's and dotting I's, the universe has big surprises for you. Jupiter has come Virgo’s way, launching not only your most important month, but your most auspicious cycle in twelve years. From this August until next, you’re going to see just how wonderfully abundant life can be in every aspect – from career to romance. So be ready - maybe get a new navy suit, and a dozen new Nick Graham shirts to set it off.

Your biggest job, Virgo, is simply to remain optimistic and open - the breakthroughs will come. Literally and figuratively, you’re likely to go where you’ve never been before. What’s more, everyone will help you get there. So step outside of your Virgo preset and try choosing some ties and bowties unlike any you’re used to wearing - it’ll make the ride all the more fun. Saturn will also be joining forces with Jupiter to expand your horizons and make your dreams come true. You needn’t worry about finances; that’s taken care of by your planetary guardians. Just focus on what you really want to achieve materially and spiritually.

The full moon on August 29 could prove especially romantic. A Nick Graham shirt and tie set can help stoke the magic. Remember: never stop dreaming, never stop dressing up.


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