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It’s summertime and you still want to break out your dress shoes and pull an outfit together nicely. Most people in the summertime opt to wear their sneakers sock-less, but doing the same with a dress shoe is not quite as simple. Here are some things to keep in mind when going sock less with a dress shoe:
  1. Wear the proper cut for your pants. 

    Make sure you are wearing a slimmer fit, it works best for this look. Make sure the pants are hemmed properly, or cuff them to right above your ankle to achieve the styling you’re looking for. 
  2. Wear the right shoe. 

    Not all dress shoes are ideal for this look. Loafers work best with the sock less look, but that’s not to say you can’t wear a brogue or an oxford either, use your discretion!
  3. Wear the right look. 

    Just the way not every shoe looks good sock less, neither does every outfit. Wearing a linen suit in the heat is a good time to wear no socks, wearing a business suit to work, not so much. Understand that look calls for more of a casual situation. There’s a time and a place for everything folks!  
  4. Don’t use a brand new shoe. 

    Even when wearing the proper socks, a new pair of leather dress shoes can do serious damage to your foot, specifically your heel. Opt for a shoe with softer leather or one that you have broken in thoroughly. In doing so you avoid damaging your foot, and the shoe.
  5. Wear invisible socks! 

    You don’t have to go sock less to look sock less. Wear no show socks (invisible socks or peds). The sole of your foot can get quite sweaty, especially in the summertime. Between your foot and the leather, you can be in for a terrible odor. Spare yourself the smell and the discomfort! While you’re at it, pick up a foot antiperspirant spray! 



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