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Finding the Leo male in a group of people is easy – just look to the center. The Leo man loves being the center of attention and always finds his audience. Gallant, outgoing and warmhearted, he has dramatic flair and knows how to work it. Respect and admiration from others keeps him going. Leo is a natural born leader and people feel immediately his powerful presence - it’s no wonder he’s symbolized by the lion. Because he can beautifully pull off the brightest and boldest colors and prints, Nick Graham shirts and ties are perfect for his wardrobe. Yet as confident as he comes off, Leo’s inner pussycat is sensitive and vulnerable, so don’t forget to compliment him.


 Ruled by the Sun, you’re ambitious and determined, but Leo being a fixed sign, you can also be opinionated and stubborn. Stay alert to these traits and work on being open to other points of view. Start by making different choices in what you wear. If you normally wear striped shirts, try a checked print. If you’re a paisley tie guy, give polka dots a whirl. Nick Graham makes it easy with a smart lineup of styles, including contrasting print ties and neckties that cover all the bases.    

 Jupiter is in Leo until August 11, bringing you lots of opportunities for success – this could be your luckiest time in many years. Saturn meanwhile is in Sagittarius through the year, and you’re really feeling it. It’s a great opportunity to break free from old patterns and limitations and make big changes in your life. On August 8th, Mars enters Leo and hangs there until late September, bringing you an invigorating shot of energy to jumpstart anything you put your mind to. You’ll be able to get tons done and solve problems with lightning speed. And don’t overlook romance - it’s an essential force in your life. With the stars shining super-favorably on you, be sure and make the most of everything that comes your way. Remember: wearing Nick Graham enhances your horoscope 100%.


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