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There he is: charming, witty, funny, gregarious – the Gemini man. He knows we’re talking about him – he’s used to it. He’s even happy to join in. His zest for life, adventurousness and quick mind make him infectious company, if at times hard to keep up with. Gemini’s complex, mutable nature is represented by the symbol of the twins and ruled by Mercury. Fittingly, he’s likely to don any shirt, tie or bowtie from the Nick Graham Collection – from stripes and solids to polka dots and paisley - in any colors. That’s how Gemini rolls.  


The Sun shines brightly in Gemini this month. If ever you were going to host your own talk-show, go for it now. Intellectual stimulation and growth are at peak for you this summer. Feed your brain and broaden your scope. Perhaps learn a new skill in your own field or an area you’re interested in, either through a class or on your own. Either way, your efforts will take root and take you further than you even expect. Mars is also in your sign now, sending you plenty of energy to work with right up until June 24. However, with Mercury, your ruler, retrograde until June 11, best to wait and start new projects between then and the 23rd when things are bound to take off. Mars should make you feel extra sexy too. Play it up with Nick Graham slim-cut shirts.

From June 6 until October, Venus will be in an area favoring your finances, as well as your social life, so take advantage and invest wisely in both. Be sure and invest in an array of new ties as well – they’ll help in both sectors. You do tend to get easily bored, so dressing up differently every day will help keep it fresh. That way, you can focus your creative energies on making things happen. This is a great time to show how adaptable you are to new situations, so make sure you have a good selection of Nick Graham in your wardrobe to carry you through the full range of possibilities.


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