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Look through the madding crowd for the man who remains calm and composed and you’ve likely spotted a Taurus. Patient, practical, organized, the Taurus man likes everything to be just perfect. Along with being the most stable sign of the zodiac, the Taurean is an earthy, sexy man who loves living fully and freely. Thus you may find him perfectly put together in a Nick Graham tailored suit set off by a brightly colored print shirt from the spring collection.


You’re often stereotyped as bull-headed, and indeed your natural stubbornness makes it almost impossible for you to act against your will. Anyone who pisses you off might just discover why your symbol is the bull. Yet you’re learning how to curb this trait and use it to your advantage. Once mastered, your bullish tendency can help make you highly successful in business, mostly because you believe in your ideas and stick to them. You’re equally confident about your look, and Nick Graham provides you with a range of shirt and tie options to let the world know.

With the sun is in your sign, Taurus, you're more ready to shine than ever. Those of you who are single are especially apt to get extra attention. Your ruling planet Venus, in concert with Jupiter and Uranus, makes getting what you want all the more feasible. Enhance the effect by dressing for achievement – a boldly striped shirt, for example. Whether it’s material or amorous success you seek, your Nick Graham attire says yes to both. Venus is also in a favorable position to boost your income right through the first week of May. This is a great time to newly monetize a talent you’ve been sitting on for long enough. Starting around April 25 you’ll be primed for romance – go for it, and dress the part by showing up with flowers and a suitably spring-like bowtie. See the full collection here:


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