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The Aquarius Man

Perhaps the most difficult sign to pin down, the Aquarian man can be both exciting and pensive, friendly and mischievous, broadminded and rigid. Ultimately unpredictable, he always looks a bit different from others. It might be the way he knots his tie, or leaves it loose below the collar. He makes it all work, and never misses with a Nick Graham shirt and tie combo.


With the New Year, and the sun and moon in Aquarius, it’s time to project your biggest dreams, and experience all the excitement of new beginnings. If ever you were going to reinvent yourself, Aquarius, this is the perfect time. What's more, for the remainder of the year, you’ll find you needn’t stress out reaching for your goals. Just keep steady and have a ready array of shirts in solids, stripes and checks to see you through.

Mercury retrograde will help clear away old limitations and make room for the new you. It may at times feel like you’re moving backwards, but remember it’s actually so that you can progress forward – like a contrasting print bowtie. This is a great time for cleaning out your wardrobe. If you didn’t wear it last year, you won’t need it this year. Donate your castoffs to organizations that provide suitable attire for needy job seekers. Then you can feel good about getting yourself a dozen new Nick Graham shirts for the year ahead.

You may also find yourself covering old ground in relationships; it’s an important step in taking them to a new level. Your guiding planet Saturn will be looming in your house of friendship, as well as impelling your goals and accomplishments for the next two years. Expect ample new opportunities for career, travel, and partnering. You’ll find Nick Graham has just the right look to make it all happen.


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