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The Capricorn Man

Like his symbol the goat, the Capricorn man may appear tame and placid, but he’s ever determined and ready to vault over any obstacle. The most ambitious workaholic of the zodiac, he knows how to dress on his way to the top. A classic suit is his uniform of choice, and a Nick Graham shirt & tie lets you know his sights are set high.



For the New Year, Saturn brings Capricorn surprises in both your social and private life. The universe knows that under that tough exterior, you’re a romantic at heart, and what better way to show it than wearing an eye-catching tie with contrasting print tail from the Nick Graham collection? There’s a whole new look to your life, and we have the vibrant shirts to let the world know. Positive changes are in store, Capricorn, so change your shirt and tie every day.

Mars will send you into a spending spree the coming month; be sure and make investments that offer the best returns – a dollar-print bowtie, for example. Venus in Capricorn will keep you in the holiday swing, and you can up the wattage by shopping for shirts that will extend the spirit all year long. Venus will see to it that others notice and admire you accordingly. New Year's Eve looks especially promising in your house of romance, Capricorn, so bring out the purple pinstripes!

The full moon on January 3rd delivers a major energy bonus. Make the most of it by focusing on your creativity and goals, and you may just hit the jackpot. The cosmos has big plot changes in store for Capricorn, but remember that it's all about balance, give and take. Keep these in check and your career and relationships are bound for success in 2015. Just to be sure, keep yourself in an array of checked shirts from Nick Graham. Happy New Year!


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