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Ready for the “Impossible”? This New Bike Design Might Be The Most Convenient Portable Vehicle To Date.

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Ready for the “Impossible”? This New Bike Design Might Be The Most Convenient Portable Vehicle To Date. 

While the urban scape is being transformed by the growing use of bicycles and scooters, designers are attempting to transform these vehicles to more conveniently fit urban lifestyles. Collapsible bikes have certainly grown more popular, but it would seem they’ve already reached the limits of compactness - until now.

Beijing-based company Impossible Technology is developing a folding electric bicycle that can be carried in the average-size backpack. They call it: what else, but the “Impossible Bike.” Though it looks more like a giant pair of eyeglasses than a bicycle, technically, it’s a battery-powered electric scooter. The “bike” has no pedals or chain mechanism, which is key to the design’s lightweight, compact folding form. Rather than an inflexible horizontal framework, the impossible design is made up of circular components in lightweight carbon fiber, with a sturdy steel connecting box. The hollow wheels pull down, the handle extends out from the top, and the hard plastic protective carrying case doubles as the seat. It all folds down to just 17” high, and full recharge from a standard wall outlet takes an hour and a half.

The Impossible’s battery-powered motor propels the rider smoothly through the street at up to 15+ miles per hour. Still in development, the prototype cannot carry more than 180 pounds, and as it has no suspension, smooth pavements are recommended. Nonetheless, the design is bound to evolve, as well as to make its mark on urban travel. Slated for August 2015 release, the bike’s proposed sales tag of $530 makes it all the more attractive. Still in Kickstarter development, the Impossible Bike has already raised several times its goal. Watch the video and see if you might not want the Impossible yourself.


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