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The Sagittarius Man

Masculine, optimistic and extroverted, the Sagittarius man is ruled by Jupiter, king of the gods, and the pedigree shows. Checks, plaids, dots – nothing’s too upbeat for the Sagittarius man. Symbolized by the centaur archer, this sexy beast looks great in a Nick Graham slim-cut shirt. Fire is his element and it stokes his intellect, so he’s bound to look smart in any tie from the collection as well.

The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

The sun is in Sagittarius until Dec 21, and making a red-carpet entrance is Venus, who graces your sign until December 10. Your energy naturally draws admirers, and during this period Venus heightens the effect. Romance is definitely in your favor, and you’ll find that simply putting on a bow tie – even with jeans – will multiply your returns. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 22 allows you to get a new project or relationship going, and brings you closer to fulfilling a dream. Dress the part; choose a Nick Graham tie design that’s a personal reminder of what you’re after – it’ll help keep your intent as focused as your look. On November 26, Uranus makes you especially loveable (no pun), so be ready in red or maybe lilac– choose from our wide array of prints and solids.

With the new moon keeping your resolve exceptionally strong and Saturn ruling over your finances, you may want to keep that dollar-sign tie handy. It’s also a great time to finally do something you always wanted to – like hang-glide off a mountain in Rio, or wear a check shirt with a plaid tie to work - rad. Of course, Mr. Sagittarius, things don’t always necessarily go your way, though even on a bad day you can be blindly optimistic. Nonetheless, even if you’re colorblind, you can never go wrong in a Nick Graham shirt & tie set.

Famous Sagittarians   

Jon Stewart, Don Cheadle, Ridley Scott, Joe DiMaggio, Hendrix Jimi, Bruce Lee, Woody Allen, William Blake, Billy Idol

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