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Nick Graham’s Well Dressed Horoscope

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Nick Graham’s Well Dressed Horoscope


The Scorpio Man

You can detect the Scorpio man in the crowd by his passionate aura. Or simply by his Nick Graham red shirt and coordinated tie. Dominant, energetic, imaginative - Scorpio men are at ease in vibrant colors and prints because they reflect their personalities. As for their egoistical, temperamental side, a cool-color striped shirt can keep that in line.

The Month Ahead for Scorpio

The sun enters Scorpio October 23rd and a new-moon solar eclipse that same day helps you come to a final conclusion regarding an important matter or person. Let the world know with a decisively checked gingham shirt in red, blue, or purple. Together with help from Mars, the coming weeks will also be a great time for starting a new project. To ensure that things go silky smooth, have a selection of our 100% silk ties and bowties on hand – one for each day of the week.

Overall, it’s going to be no secret that the universe is having a love affair with you, Scorpio. Venus will also be sending you the love, and even people you don’t know will be in accord. Make the most of it, and bounce back some of that positive energy with a lips print tie or some bouncy polka dots. For that irreverent streak in you, a skull-and-cross-bones bowtie lends rebel spirit to any Nick Graham shirt. Remember that you can accomplish just about anything this month, but if you need a boost, a pocket square can move mountains.

Famous Scorpios

Carl Sagan, Chinua Achebe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pablo Picasso, Matthew McConaughey, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Theodore Roosevelt


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