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Nick Graham’s Well Dressed Horoscope - Libra

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The Libra Man

Urbane, sophisticated and social, the Libra man enjoys keeping up with what’s current and looking well turned out. He’s ambitious and even a bit narcissistic, but who can blame him when he’s wearing a Nick Graham shirt & tie?

The Month Ahead for Libra

The sun enters Libra September 23rd and wastes no time setting up a stellar alignment, favoring you with sudden opportunities and reversals of fortune. Be prepared with a crisp striped shirt that keeps you aligned as well, and a dollar-print tie that welcomes fortune. For success at an important meeting, a red striped shirt and camouflage tie lets everyone know you mean business, while making sure you don’t blend into the woodwork. If a challenging offer comes up, nothing says you’re up to it like a good checked shirt. Add a dice-print bow tie and the world will see you’re ready to roll, take a chance, play you stakes, and get lucky. October is going to be major. Not one, but two eclipses are due - one in your opposite sign of Aries. As a Libra, you’ll be especially compelled to find balance. Wear a Nick Graham dark solid shirt, and contrast it with a paisley or polka-dot tie or bowtie. If relationship is a looming issue, diagonal stripes create an instant sense of harmony. Remember that it’s a fine line between being realistic and being negative, but you can always restore balance by going monochrome gray for a day. If you’re feeling devil-may-care, sport a devilish mustache-print tie and see what happens. And never be afraid to pull out a pocket square – the universe loves a good fashion trick.

Famous Librans

Gandhi, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Clive Owen, John Lennon, Friedrich Nietzsche

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