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3D Printing + Voyeurism

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3D Printing + Voyeurism 

Here at Nick Graham, we are huge fans of 3D Printing (see here, and here). That is why we were delighted to stumble across X.pose. X pose fuses two of our favorite things: 3D Printing and voyeurism. As described by the makers Xuedi Chen & Pedro G. C. Oliveira ‘x.pose is a wearable data-driven sculpture that changes opacity to expose a person's skin as a real-time reflection of the data that the wearer is producing.’

Taking broadcasted data to a new level, the 3D corset uses bluetooth and arduino technology to communicate the users consumption data and continually modify its physical appearance. As more and more data ‘emissions’ are collected, the more and more transparent the corset becomes. Think overconsumption porn. Head over to Behance to learn more about the X.pose [Behance]

Photography by Roy Rochlin

3D Printing

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