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Old Midwest English Revival?

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Old Midwest English Revival (or maybe airports do have a sense of humor.)

Being a person with a liberal sense of words and uses, I was gobsmacked to see the use of "recombobulation" used at the security area in Milwaukee airport.

It's such a rare word, and usually only used in historical English second world war books and usually quoted by Churchill in relation to rebuilding England after a massive "discombobulation" by the Germans.

I asked a girl who was going through security if she knew what it meant and she said "Yes, and my dad is a pilot and says that's the only sign of it's kind in the country."

But then when you google it, you find that the sign was actually placed there intentionally by the airport director in 2008. And I thought I had discovered some linguistic artifact long forgotten. Damn.

But you still have to see it.

It's in Terminal C in Milwaukee airport. Southwest has a special fare to see it as part of their " Literacy Across America" program.


Heres the story...via [Journal Sentinel]


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