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Giving New Meaning to Car Detailing

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Giving New Meaning to Car Detailing 


Renowned for their elaborate decorative bead work, the Huichol of Mexico have taken their artistry to new heights. Eight Huichol artisans have collaborated on hand-beading an entire 1990 Volkswagen Beetle.

Named the “Vochol,” this literally moving artwork showcases 2 million seed beads and 35 pounds of fabric, paint, yarn and resin. The decorative designs hold symbolic significance for the Huichol, and include eagles, deer, fire, corn and drums. The Vochol is on exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. until May 6, after which it will tour internationally before being sold to raise money for the Museum of Popular Art in Mexico City.  

More photos of the Vochol via [Washington Post]

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