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Ruth Kace: Up and Coming Art Star.

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Ruth Kace: Up and Coming Art Star.

I went to see Ruth Kaces graduate show at Hampshire College recently and loved it. Somewhere between Dr Suess and Commes Des Garcons, the show called " Bubnik and White, LLC ", was a surrealist pop-up shop of clothing and accessories made found materials. Over 100 pieces were spread around the gallery, all priced and named in a currency and language not yet invented. Ruth is the daughter of my good friend Martin Kace, who passed away last year. Martin would be proud that she inherited his ironic sensibility. Ruth created this mythical Eastern European/Martian Department Store in his honor, and he would have loved shopping there.

Martin always had a thing for the dada and humorous, and Ruth delivered it on every hand made detail. It was as good as anything I've seen in London, Paris or New York. Keep an eye out for her work, she's a real talent and a living cartoon, which is my highest compliment to someone.

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