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Nick's Picks - 5 Shirts For Spring

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Nick's Picks - 5 Shirts For Spring

Every month, Nick Graham will pick out 5 shirts from upcoming collections, and let you know why he likes them.


1. The Gallery Beach - Part of the Oh Nantucket! Collection, this shirt looks great at BBQ’s and bankers meetings.

2. The Knightsbridge - Part of The London Affair Collection, the purple check will make your mate surrender.

3. The Great Point - Part of the Ohh Nantucket! Collection, this shirt keeps you afloat in handsomeness. 

4. The Gullfoss - Part of the Icelandic Disco Collection, this check shirt will make even puffins fly.

The Sloane Square - Part of the London Affair collection, this shirt is made for hiding in Hyde Park


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