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The Perfect Way To Become A Weekender On The Cheap

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The Perfect Way To Become A Weekender On The Cheap 

As Urban Dwellers, one of the questions on all our minds is: why is everything so damn expensive, and why are apartments so small? The extent to which some will go to save money on rent borders on pure farce. The dream for many is to get away on the weekends and enjoy the clarity a little space can bring. This is no small task. 

Brazilian Firm MINIMOD has contributed an excellent prefab solution to help city dwellers become weekenders on the cheap. Just drive this up on your semi-truck and plop it down on a small, desolate track of land and you have yourself a weekend house getaway. With tons of customization and size configurations, MIMIMOD might be the answer you are looking for to become a second home owner. Check out the site for all the details.



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