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Did you know Nick Graham is a Patchouli Farmer?

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Did you know Nick Graham is a Patchouli Farmer?

Givaudan has just finalized its first farming partnership initiative, in Malaysia. It¹s a long-term, exclusive agreement concerning patchouli sourcing in Borneo with local partner GaiaOne and Kebun Rimau Sdn Bhd.

"I feel the deal is very significant in that it is the first essential oil plantation of its kind not only in Malaysia, but in the world," said Nicholas Graham, GaiaOne founding partner and director, and founder of Joe Boxer. It is also the first long-term agreement made directly with a grower to sustainably plant dedicated fields exclusively for Givaudan, which is a landmark in the fragrance industry.

"It is also indicative of the importance of transparency and sustainability in the supply chain of all consumer products, and this deal marks the first and important step in that direction for the fragrance industry," he continued.

The patchouli plantation, called the Balung Plantation, is among the first in Borneo, said Graham, adding that it is using the crop to facilitate diversity in a region that has been in danger of mono-cropping because of the number of palm-oil plantations there.

"Diversity is key to environmental well-being," he said. "Like many natural fragrance ingredients, patchouli is being pressured due to land use transitioning to the production of food crops or building to accommodate the growing populations in Southeast Asia, where 90 percent of patchouli oil is from."

"The partners have committed to develop sustainable plantations and local distillation of patchouli, an iconic natural raw material for both fine fragrance and functional perfumery,  exclusively for Givaudan," the fragrance and flavors supplier said.

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