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Fat Boy Slim

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Fat Boy Slim

It’s a buyer’s dilemma. How to keep your wallet from looking fat and overstuffed, full of credit card after debit card after loyalty card, when you need all that plastic to ….well, buy stuff. If all goes to plan, count on Coin to make your wallet svelte and slender as early as next summer. All without photo shopping or mixing messy green smoothies.  It’s basically a credit card to hold all your other credit cards.

The Y Combinator-backed $100 start-up Coin stores any card you have – up to eight - via a simple swipe through a card dongle on your smartphone or tablet. Pre-order now and the price drops to $50. The internet has been good to Coin; according to founder Kanishk Parashar in Forbes, the start up scored its $50,000 crowdfunding campaign goal less than 40 minutes into its launch this past month, thanks to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It’s easy to take the plunge to the password-protected Coin because it looks and acts like a credit card – albeit, one on steroids. As Parashar told Wired: “It’s something you’re used to. We just made it better.”

If you believe the hype, Coin’s concept certainly checked out with the technorati: recent headlines on everything from The Wall Street Journal to Fast Company to Mashable to DVice were nearly identical versions of “One Credit Card to Rule Them All.” With thin-as-paper circuitry inside and a nearly-flat button outside for scrolling to the card you want, it is just like a credit card to rule them all. Bluetooth-enabling ensures that, just in case you leave Coin behind, you’re alerted, while Coin locks up if disconnected or far from your phone for too long. It does have only a two-year battery life. And there are those pesky issues of start-up security, replacement costs and a dead phone battery. But, all issues will be addressed and perfected for the actual launch. Square up, man, and activate. What’s in your wallet?


By Kimberly Cihlar

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