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A Bathroom For The Brave

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A Bathroom For The Brave

The communal bathroom might not be a project that many Architects in their prime would consider. Sou Fujimoto, laughs in the face of conformity, and has applied his masterful talents to create a fairy tale-like setting, to do your businessThink Duchamp, only flushable. Located next to a train station by Ichihara-city, Chiba, Fujimoto has flipped privacy on its head (something we are sure Alexander Skarsgard would appreciate) and offered a prime spot to contemplate life's deeper existential questionsPromoters of the project have called it the “world’s largest toilet,” and the installation is a hit with tourists and locals alike. Be sure, there isn’t another bathroom in the world like it. Here is to hoping a brave architect replicates this sublime concept in Central Park.


Photographer: Iwan Baan


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