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Putting on the Ritz: Start Your New Year With New Neckwear

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Putting on the Ritz: Start Your New Year With New Neckwear

Whether you’re spending New Year’s Eve in St. Barth’s or Times Square, at The Carlyle or The Bunker, with raucous party friends or a romantic date, you want to make it special and memorable. Dressing up is a great way to set the tone for the coming year. For easy dress-up options, you’ll want to have a selection of Nick Graham neckwear in your wardrobe - if not in your pocket. Of course, each Nick Graham tie, bow tie, scarf and pocket square comes in a variety of patterns and colors, but even one of each will quadruple your dress-up options. With the exception of wearing a tie and bow tie together, which might look a bit contrived, you’ll find many ways of combining these pieces to enhance your Auld Lang style. Here are four surefire formulas.


Jeans + Tee + Jacket + Scarf:  Perfect for a long night of club hopping.


Jeans + Shirt + Tie + Jacket: Dinner for two at your favorite spot in the Village.


Suit + Bow Tie + Pocket Square: Party so cool, clearly you must be someone.


Suit + Tie + Pocket Square + Scarf: Times Square? You own it.


And remember, however great you look come midnight, make sure you start the New Year with clean underwear that looks as good.



Jorge Scoarras

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