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Ten Terms You Need To Know About Re-Gifting

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Ten Terms You Need To Know About Re-Gifting

As the holidays approach their final flurry, it's good to prepare yourself for re-gifting. It happens to all of us, so here are 10 terms you should know that will make re-gifting easy and fast.

1) The Re-wrap: When you get your re-gift on Xmas morning, and still have time to re-gift-wrap the same day.

2) Under-gifting: Re-gifting underwear. It’s OK so long as) you haven’t worn it; b) you’ve worn it over your pants; c) you didn’t use it as a tree skirt.

3) Re-booking: Re-gifting a signed book to someone when that person has the same name as you.

4) Round-gifting: Re-gifting to the person who gave you the gift in the first place. (I've done that.)

5) Re-winding: Re-gifting a 2014 calendar at the end of 2014.

6) Ex-re-gifting: When you re-gift a picture frame from an ex and forget to remove their picture before giving it your current partner.

7) Re-writing: When you use the same card again, crossing out your name on the “To” line and writing in your re-giftee’s name.

8) Re-insuring: Used when you re-gift in a city where you don’t live so you don’t get busted for it.

9) Re-membering: When you can’t remember what the gift was when you re-wrapped your re-gift six months ago.

10) Re-possessing: When you decide you’ve re-gifted something you actually want and try to figure out how to get it back by saying something like, “You know I think that present is wrong for you”, or “Maybe you’ll gain weight soon and it wont fit you anymore.”

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