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Looking For Nick Graham

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Looking For Nick Graham

Every customer with the actual name 'Nick Graham' automatically gets 50% off anything up to an annual budget of $1000.00. Nick Graham is also reaching out to other Nick Grahams around the world to associate themselves with the company as creative brand ambassadors. 'Looking for everyone with the same great name definitely narrows down the search process.' Graham said.

Graham cites the outreach to other Nick Grahams as a metaphor for his belief in branding, "In order to create a community, a brand needs to be approachable and allow itself to be emotionally and physically shared by everyone. A true brand simply points the way, and its consumers take it from there. The reason we say 'New York, London, Everywhere' on the label is because we will be in all those places at once, but I personally don¹t have the time to get to all of them."

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